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Searching for Colorado Corgis breeders? We have gorgeous, healthy Corgis puppies for sale. We are located in the beautiful central Colorado Mountains. 

Our dams and sires were hand picked by us for their personalities, dispositions, intelligence, and beauty.  We are experienced Colorado Corgis breeders and our puppies are raised on our ranch with our children, which gives them a bond with humans from birth. 

Corgis are a wonderful addition to any family, whether it be an apartment in the city or a country home.  This breed is known for its bubbly, outgoing nature and makes a loyal family member.  Corgis are great childrens' pets, excel in agility trials, and are wonderful companions.


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wigglepups.gif (6959 bytes)As top Colorado Corgi breeders, we strive to raise healthy, well-adjusted puppies that will become a loved and valued member of your family for many years to come.    Please browse our site and enjoy photos of our Corgis puppies for sale. Read our health guarantee, and feel free to e-mail us at stephanie@highcountrycorgis.com or call us with any questions about becoming a proud parent of one of our babies.

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I have one of Stephanie's Corgis and she is awesome. I have a tri-color and she is awesome. I have met many other corgi's since getting mine and so far she has had the best temperment and personality than the others I have met. I would highly recommend getting a corgi puppy from Stephanie...they are the best. Michelle Smith-Donaldson

We bought one of Stephanie's Corgis, ours is on her way to becoming an agility dog! We are very happy with Lolly Pop our third Corgi! Erin Galbreath


Thank you for being a responsible, reliable, ethical, and kind Corgi breeder, Stephanie. I couldn't be more happy with Ruby, and she is an amazing dog. (big kisses again to Reggie and Maggie) Ruby's body language is similar to Reggie's.. She stands on her hind legs and 'hangs' in the air for kisses just like he did when I met him. Mare Schmidt

High Country Corgis is where my family adopted Gertie (also a tri color, and also a female). Stephanie will answer any questions you may have and she is AWESOME! We love our girl! Kerri Schwab



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